Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Song called My Lord

My Lord
Lift him up
Hes the one that died for us
How can it be
That you my lord love me
All the mistakes I've made
You've never turned away
And when I need you
You always seem to follow through
My lord. My daddy
My friend, My army
The joy you bring
It's breathtaking
The love I feel
Is amazing
So thats all I have right now but I take suggestions!

The first blog

So this is my first blog and i'm so excited!
Well what I really need to get off my chest is school...or more about math.

How do people expect us to learn 10th grade math if we haven't even learned 9th grade math? I mean c'mon, and you think that if half of the freshm,an class is failing that SOMTHING has to be wrong with the ciricculum right?!
I mean seriously! When in life are we going to need to know that (x2)(x2) = x2+4x+4!
My techer is so boring like literally I alomost fall alseep in class today, and then she says shes doing to most fun thing she can do.
Yeah because writing notes from a stupid powerpoint and having tons of homework every night is so much fun!!! Yeah...NO! Its not!
What did she work all of her childhood and never had any friends or social life so shes repaying whoever it was that made her life horrible on US? We didn't even do anything!
I'm going to stop now before I get out of control.